Fantasticast Episode 51 — Agents Of F.O.U.R.

Yes, the episode title is a blatant piece of attention-grabbing, what with the release of the TV show.

This week, I get to join Andy in sitting around while Steve summarizes this week’s issue! And what an issue! Having been teased with Gorgon last week, we now get a full bevy of Inhumans this week. Crystal. Lockjaw. Karnak. Triton. Black Bolt. Kirby’s opened up his imagination and letting everything spill out.

Along the way, we find time to do the Ninja Rap, have a gimp on the show, and sing the Dogtanian theme. Plus, the guys make a few references to shows that I don’t get because I’m from a different countries.

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Superman in the Bronze Age Episode 76 — Superman: The Movie Commentary

Episode 76It is June 2013, which means that a new movie is about to be released starring a certain Man of Steel. In honor of that, this month will be a commentary month where we watch all 4 Christopher Reeve Superman movies, crossing over with my other show, Charlie’s Geekcast, to ensure we get all 4 watched this month.  And joining me to watch Superman: The Movie are none other and Andrew and Micheal Leyland of Hey Kids! Comics (plus Andrew is a cohost on The Fantasticast), with some extra feedback from the rest of the clan McLeyland (except for Adam, who is too cool for such a thing).  So site back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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