Classic Episode 18 — Geeking on JLA #13

This week, we follow Aquaman, Green Lantern and Flash into a dark future where hope is extinct and Darkseid rules. And if Flash doesn’t have his super-speed, how can our heroes return to the present? Find out in JLA #13.

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One thought on “Classic Episode 18 — Geeking on JLA #13

  1. Hello! Episode #18 was another barn-burner. What a twist for Batman to be disguised as Desaad. I can actually see Batman taking months and months of torture and then turning things around. That’s just who Batman is. Do we know how Darkseid got his facial scar(s)? Or if you mentioned it earlier could you remind me? (sorry for my feeble mind!) Thanks for letting me know about the “Rock Of Ages” trade options. I may get it eventually. I wanted to let you know that Charlie’s Geekcast is the first podcast that I have listened to from its’ beginnings and have not fallen behind once. Even with “Superman In The Bronze Age”, I didn’t find that one until Episode #18. (of course I am caught up with that one too, but when you first started recording it, I wasn’t aware of it–so glad I found it!!) Well..guess that’s all for now. Keep up the good work!

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