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And We’re Back!

Well, it’s been a few years, but the show is coming back, and is now part of the Two True Freaks Internet Radio Network! All of the “classic” episodes, as well as the specials, have been moved over to the new feed, and are also available via the TTF Mega Feed. The old feed will be going away, so make sure you are subscribed to the correct feed if you want to get new episodes (links are below). However, this site will stick around to allow for more “enhanced” versions of episode posts (i.e. more image and video links). New episodes are coming soon!

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Fantasticast Episode 51 — Agents Of F.O.U.R.

Yes, the episode title is a blatant piece of attention-grabbing, what with the release of the TV show.

This week, I get to join Andy in sitting around while Steve summarizes this week’s issue! And what an issue! Having been teased with Gorgon last week, we now get a full bevy of Inhumans this week. Crystal. Lockjaw. Karnak. Triton. Black Bolt. Kirby’s opened up his imagination and letting everything spill out.

Along the way, we find time to do the Ninja Rap, have a gimp on the show, and sing the Dogtanian theme. Plus, the guys make a few references to shows that I don’t get because I’m from a different countries.

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