Welcome to Charlie’s Geekcast!

Hello! Welcome to Charlie’s Geekcast, an internet radio show in which your host, Charlie Niemeyer, gets to talk about whatever the heck he wants, such as comics, movies, tv shows and more.  Please check out the following promo, and look for the very first episode on January 1st, 2013.


  1. Hi! Just wanted to give you a shout-out about Episode 1 of “Charlie’s Geekcast”. It was superb. I also gave you an I-Tunes rating but it isn’t showing right now. Hopefully you will get that soon. I always worry about you podcasters with more than one show and that you are overworking yourselves. I know you have everything under control or you wouldn’t have added another podcast. Sorry to sound like your “Mommy”, but I wanted you to know that we care out here in “Podcast Listeners Land”. Continued success on this podcast and remember to relax and don’t forget to eat your vegetables. (ha)

    I’ll be listening…

    Rusty Bragg (Clarksburg, WV)

    • admin

      Thanks for watching out, Russell!

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