Classic Episode 14 — Geeking to the Radio

Here is a little bit of an off-beat episode that doesn’t really have anything to do with comics, movies or TV. Instead, we check out some fun from the radio. Plus, an important announcement about the future of the show.

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One thought on “Classic Episode 14 — Geeking to the Radio

  1. Hello! Wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Episode 14 — Geeking to the Radio. It made me think back to my Junior High and High School days waking up to the radio before school. We didn’t have any elaborate radio shows or personalities around here. But I do remember listening to a guy named Bill Mahoney on station WHAR. He would have trivia contests every morning where the winner won a free breakfast at McDonalds. I managed to win at least 10 times and don’t forget in those days we had a rotary-dial phone. So I would dial the first six number with my finger ready to dial the seventh until I heard the question. If I knew it, I dialed. If I didn’t, I hung up. Those were fun times even if I had to get ready to go to school afterwards. Just wanted to share. Hope all is well with you! Really enjoying the Geekcast!

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