Classic Episode 22 — Geeking on Fantastic Four v3 #1

Stepping away from my usual coverage of DC books, this time we look at a comic issue starring Marvel’s first family: The Fantastic Four. In this issue, the FF re-acclimate themselves to their proper lives after spending some time in the Heroes Reborn Universe, while also facing the terror of The Ruined.

As mentioned in the episode, here is the alternate, “sunburst” cover:

And the iconic final page:

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One thought on “Classic Episode 22 — Geeking on Fantastic Four v3 #1

  1. Hello! Really enjoyed your 90’s Cartoon Special and the Fantastic 4 comic review. With the 90’s Cartoons, I only recognized the Superhero shows. I don’t think I could give you a favorite, but I do have all of those cartoons on DVD. (Lucky to have a Region-Free DVD player so we can buy the UK sets for Spiderman, Hulk, etc.) As for the Fantastic 4, I bought only one comic book and it was because of the cover. (Issue #213–wanted to see why Reed Richards looked ancient) Years later, I found the hardcover of that storyline called “In Search Of Galactus”. An aging ray has three-quarters of the foursome at death’s door, but they’ll fight the Skrulls to the finish alongside Nova and the Champions of Xandar – at least until a greater threat rises from the Champions’ own ranks! The Sphinx is ready to conquer the world, and Mr. Fantastic knows of only one opponent who can stop him: Galactus, who just wants to DESTROY the world instead! There is also an appearance by everyone’s favorite Fantastic 4 member, H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot. (add groans here) Most of my Fantastic 4 knowledge comes from the cartoons, my favorite series being the 1967 Hanna Barbara version. (wish it was on DVD) Eagerly await your coverage of the Phantom Zone mini-series. I got the Trade not too long ago, so I can follow along. Hopefully I’ll have time to comment. Until then…Take Care!

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