Classic Episode 23 — Geeking on The Phantom Zone #2

Superman and Charlie Kweskill are trapped in the Phantom Zone and the Phantom Zone criminals are loose on Earth, complete with super-powers. Things aren’t looking too good for the good guys in issue 2 of the Phantom Zone mini-series.

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2 thoughts on “Classic Episode 23 — Geeking on The Phantom Zone #2

  1. Episode 23 — Geeking on The Phantom Zone #2

    Hello, Future Charlie! Great episode, as always. This Mini-Series is coming along good. I have tried hard to stay just on the issue you will be discussing, so I am very intrigued at this point as to how Superman gets out of the Phantom Zone. Will Superman make it back to our world alive?!

    Hopefully I can make sense of my notes. I tried to find any reference to other DC heroes battling a Phantom Zoner and couldn’t find one. The only thing of interest was that Guy Gardner was trapped there somehow and was rescued by Green Lantern and Superman. [see Green Lantern Vol. 2 #117-122, Secret Origins Vol. 2 #7] Jimmy Olsen got to the Phantom Zone through a teeny, tiny hole he noticed, looked in and that’s where he ended up. [Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #62, or The Superman Family #178, or Superman: Tales from the Phantom Zone TPB] I have no explanation for why the Phantom Zoners had no trouble with the Fortress’ defenses. And why did they need the key to get in? They could have busted a hole open anywhere they wanted. I guess it doesn’t have to make sense, as long as it keeps us entertained. Better go for now…but I’ll be back!

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