Classic Episode 24 — Geeking on Phantom Zone #4

This is it! The finale! Can Superman escape the Zone? Will Earth enter the Phantom Zone? And who dies? All this, plus I make a special announcement. For part 3, check out Episode 86 of Superman in the Bronze Age.

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One thought on “Classic Episode 24 — Geeking on Phantom Zone #4

  1. Hello, Charlie! (Are you current Charlie now…back from vacation or is this a recording?) I was sorry to hear that you are closing down “Charlie’s Geekcast”. And I was going to ask you if you needed ideas for future shows. Oh well. If you find that you have time in the future to continue this podcast, I’ll send the ideas. Anyway, the end of the Phantom Zone series. Sort of ended on a whimper, huh? I don’t know what they could have done differently, but I was sort of left wanting more. Maybe Superman talks about his Zone experience in other Superman titles. I truly don’t know. Did it seem to you that General Zod was already using the “Green Lantern” powered Phantom Zone Projector before Superman and Supergirl destroyed it? If so, wouldn’t lots of people be in the Zone or would they only be in the Zone when the entire planet was there? (confusing)

    Green Lantern revealed his identity to Carol Ferris in Green Lantern (Vol. 2) #83 [May 1971]. So by the time of this mini-series, Carol has known for some time. I always wanted a ColecoVision. (and Intellivision for that matter–we had an Atari 2600) We had a friend down the street who let us play Donkey Kong once. I had totally forgot about the Smurf game. (they do have a fair amount of ColecoVision on eBAY…outrageous prices of course) Apparently, all of the DC editors got together to pick the year’s best stories collected in the “Year’s Best Comic Stories” for Best Of DC Comics Blue Ribbon Digests. I loved those digests. I didn’t much care for Dial ‘H’ For Hero being Superboy’s back-up either. I much preferred the back-ups that proceeded it. (“Superboy’s Secret Diary” being my favorite). Guess I’ll close for now. Thanks for doing the Phantom Zone series. It was nice to get your prospective on it. I’ll be sadly looking for your last episode of Charlie’s Geekcast. (what a way to go into the holiday season! …

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