Episode 39 — Geeking on Justice League: “Comfort and Joy”

Happy Holidays! Charlie’s Geekcast returns just in time for Christmas with a commentary on the Justice League episode “Comfort and Joy.”

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One thought on “Episode 39 — Geeking on Justice League: “Comfort and Joy”

  1. I LOVE this episode of “Justice League”, for many of the same things you do: the Flash getting that hard-to-find present for the kids, while dealing with the Ultra-Humanite (By the way, besides an “Ultra”-Humanite, I wonder what an ordinary Humanite would be.), and Hawkwoman and Green Lantern playing in the snow and getting into a barroom brawl, but I think I especially love the parts that you like less. You said that Superman/Clark seemed “immature” back at the Kent farm. I see it as “innocent”, myself. Don’t we all, as adults, wish to see Christmas through the eyes of children? I think Superman has kept that boy alive in his heart, and is absolutely comfortable showing that at home with Ma and Pa. I think part of what makes him the inspirational and aspirational hero he is, is that he hasn’t suffered the same “loss of innocence” that others have. Think about it: During the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages, Superman has had adventures with the actual Santa Claus, so he knows, as many adults do not, how real Santa is. Of course, he thinks it was Santa who wrapped his presents in lead foil. He’s met Santa. He’s excited to have a sleepover with his friend J’onn J’onzz, who, as a survivor of an alien race on Earth, is one of the few who might understand Superman’s own situation. I think, if you look at Superman as a good and mature boy, rather than an immature man, you might view those scenes differently. Merry Christmas.

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