Classic Episode 09 — Geeking on 80s Syndicated Cartoons

Episode 09

Are you ready for some most excellent cartoon memories? Well then have I got the show for you. Join me as we hop in the TARDIS and head back to the 1980s to take a look at the great cartoons from this fun decade

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2 thoughts on “Classic Episode 09 — Geeking on 80s Syndicated Cartoons

  1. Another wonderful episode. Shame on me, but of the shows you talked about, I only watched 2 of them. (Spiderman and Fat Albert) Some of the others I have heard of, but back then I either wasn’t interested or they weren’t on in our area. I was entering Junior High in 1980 and was a Senior in College by the end of 1989. I must be one of the weirdest geeks because I love comic books and Superheroes, but I could never get into G.I. Joe or Transformers or Thundercats, etc. The only contact I had with He-Man was the preview comic story he and Superman had during the Bronze Age. (and when he shows up on Robot Chicken) I hadn’t even watched Star Wars until I met my wife in 1999 and we watched it together. (I still haven’t watched all 3 movies yet) Plus, I have never watched Star Trek (new or old) So, I am trying to learn as you talk about “Geek” things I don’t have a clue about. I will admit that I love the comic episodes best, but I am listening to every one. I found out earlier that ITunes will allow me to rate your show only once, which I did after your first episode. I’m sure you’ll get more in time. Well here I go again rambling on and on and not knowing how to sign off. I hope I haven’t shamed myself to my fellow “geek” listeners. I’d hate to be shunned on Facebook. I wish you continued success…

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