Classic Episode 10 — Geeking on JLA vs Angels

Episode 10

It’s the Justice League versus an invasion from Heaven as we take a look at JLA issues 6 and 7. Plus, in an unfortunately rare occurance, listener feedback! Woo-hoo!

Superman finds the moon to be a bit of a drag.
Flash's reaction is priceless.
Flash’s reaction is priceless.

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One thought on “Classic Episode 10 — Geeking on JLA vs Angels

  1. Hello! First off, I wanted to Thank You for not raking me over the coals for possibly not being geek enough. I have a lot to learn and hopefully your show can teach me how to use the force. We do have all of the Star Wars movies on DVD, prequels and originals. I pretty much have to watch the prequels by myself because my wife cannot stand Jar-Jar and doesn’t believe there should have been any other Star Wars movies. She also won’t watch any Star Wars movies but the “originals” and I mean the original movies as they were. She didn’t like the changes made by Lucas. So unless we have the “originals” (which I think we do), I’d probably have to watch them by myself too. I went back in my memory as I was listening to your last show and remembered being invited to my friend and his wife’s home for dinner and watching a movie afterwards. We watched “Star Trek: Generations”. So I have at least seen one Star Trek-related program. My wife will watch an episode of “Dr. Who” with me, so I’m all set.
    As for the episode itself, you did a great job synopsizing the comics, as usual. I had a little bit of trouble following because it sounds like there was a lot to see. I’m sure if I had had the comics to read as I listened it would have been much easier for me. But that does not diminish your hard work or the episode for me. I enjoyed it and sorry that you lost the original podcast and had to do it over.
    I guess that’s all for now. Looking forward to the next episode. Keep well…

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