Episode 48 — Geeking on Superman in the Bronze Age 7

It’s the worst day in Steve Lombard’s life. And to make matters worse, someone from his past is out to get him for years of his practical joking. Can Superman save Steve, or will he be “Down, Out, and Dead?”

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  1. First, a minor technical note:: For some reason, there are a few odd moments of extended silence early in this episode. It seems like some of the podcast promos you meant to include didn’t . . . get included.
    Second, I remember the surprise I felt when I first read this issue back in 1983 at Steve Lombard’s fate here. As you mentioned, it was very unusual for recurring characters to leave the story, formally, rather than just disappear, although I do seem to have vague memories that this was not quite the final appearance of Mr. Lombard.
    Third, this story is soooo “Cary Bates”. I enjoy much of Mr. Bates’ work, but, sometimes his stories feel more Silver than Bronze Age, in their plot convolutions and reliance on incredibly powerful devices which, once the current story ends, will never be seen or referenced again.
    Thanks for the fun trip down Memory Lane.

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