Episode 60 — Geeking On Superman In The Bronze Age 14

Vartox is in town, but he’s not acting like himself. Also, Lana’s secret admirer is finally revealed.

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One thought on “Episode 60 — Geeking On Superman In The Bronze Age 14

  1. First, thank you for returning to the microphone with more Bronze Age adventures of Superman. You’ve made this old man happy.
    You wondered why Vartox didn’t get a redesigned costume they way Brainiac and Luthor had, and you wondered what the fan reaction would have been if he had. I can’t answer for “Fandom Assembled”, but this particular fan would probably not have liked the idea. Vartox, as you likely know, was sort of modeled on Sean Connery in the movie “Zardoz” (If you haven’t seen it, do a Google Image search for “Zardoz”.) That was a ridiculous-looking character in a ridiculous-looking costume, and I think Vartox was supposed to look cheesy and ridiculous. This is what the fans expected, I think, and anything different would not have been met with joy.

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