Episode 61 — Geeking on Superman in the Bronze Age 15

Vartox kidnaps Lana, and Superman cannot find her. But all is not as it seems…

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One thought on “Episode 61 — Geeking on Superman in the Bronze Age 15

  1. Yay! Vartox-not-really-Vartox. Didn’t see that coming. I agree with you that, if Superman searched the planet for Lana, but missed her in the volcano, that’s a big mistake on his part, but, perhaps the volcano had enough lead in it that he just couldn’t x-ray it, and assumed that “Lana wouldn’t be in there. Not Superman’s best work, certainly.
    The “secret admirer” subplot is remarkably creepy for the times, I think, but I’m hoping that will be resolved soon. Besides the creepiness, I don’t find the guy especially interesting as a character. He almost seems more like a plot device than a person.
    I’ll be waiting eagerly for your next episode. Thanks!

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