Episode 64 — Geeking on Superman in the Bronze Age 18

Vandal Savage’s plan to turn the public against Superman kicks into high gear when prehistoric life threatens Metropolis. Can even the Forgotten Heroes help the Man of Steel save the day this time?

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One thought on “Episode 64 — Geeking on Superman in the Bronze Age 18

  1. First of all, I have to say that the Immortal Man, in this incarnation at least, bears a remarkable resemblance ot Perry White. Odd.
    I was going to suggest an explanation for how Vandal Savage knew about the Golden Temples and how to use them, even though the world’s governments had suppressed the knowlege of them, by suggesting that, as a man who is possibly a couple of million years old, he’s had plenty of time to work his influence, insidiously, on the agents of those governments. Then I realized this was all happening on Earth-1, and he had recently arrived from Earth-2, so my alternative explanation is that there were things similar to the temples on Earth-2, which he had discovered and tried to exploit, but was unsuccessful, perhaps due to the action of the JSA or other heroes of that world, and he used what he’d learned then, to take advantage of the similar temples on Earth -1. It’s just a hypothesis.

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