Episode 65 — Geeking on Superman in the Bronze Age 19

In a world devoid of the heroic ideal, what can two young boys do to save Earth from an alien invasion? Then, how can Superman possibly save his reputation when Vandal Savage’s machinations lead to the Man of Steel’s arrest?

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One thought on “Episode 65 — Geeking on Superman in the Bronze Age 19

  1. Your thoughts at the end of this episode, about the possibilities in a trial of Vandal Savage were intriguing. By this point in the Bronze Age, the existence of Earth-2 must have been fairly public knowledge, and I wonder if there would have been laws and regulations involved in traveling between the Earths, or at least in resettling from one to another. Would Vandal Savage be treated as an illegal immigrant and deported back to his home Earth? Is there an extradition treaty between the Earths? Is there some sort of Earth-2 Embassy that might help with his legal defense against charges on Earth-1? I would find these questions pretty interesting, but I don’t know that there would be much strong appeal for a comic book story exploring them.

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