Episode 74 — Geeking on The Death of Superman

Episode 74 — Geeking on The Death of Superman

30 years ago, the unimaginable happened: Superman died. Not a hoax. Not an imaginary story. Join Charlie as he looks at the story that turned out to be just the first part of an epic trilogy.

As mentioned in the show, go to the Fortress of Baileytude or The Doomsday Archives for more in-depth coverage of the Death, Funeral, and Return storyline.

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  1. Welcome back to the microphone, Charlie. You’ve been missed.
    I read this storyline at the time it was being published, over a length of time. I imagine it might be better to read as a collection. I agree that Superman being beaten and killed is not a story that a lot of Suuperman fans would want to revisit much. I remember having the feeling that Doomsday was not so much a character as a plot device, meant by the creative team to accomplish one specific purpose — to kill Superman in a brutal and shocking way. I never much liked that. I knew at the time, and acknowledge even now, that this was an important story, but it’s not going to make it onto my “Best Stories” list. That’s just me. Other people’s mileage will, no doubt, vary.

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