Episode 75 — Geeking on Funeral For a Friend

Episode 75 — Geeking on Funeral For a Friend

After Superman’s death, it was time for superhero and average citizen alike to mourn for their hero. Meanwhile, as the crime-rate rises, others have ulterior motives, for both Metropolis, and Superman himself.

As mentioned in the show, go to the Fortress of Baileytude or The Doomsday Archives for more in-depth coverage of the Death, Funeral, and Return storyline.

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  1. Wow! Lots for you to summarize in this episode. I have to say, I was reading these issue-by-issue at the time of publication, and, to me, it felt like a slog. I knew, in my heart, that Superman would be coming back at some point, but these stories began to feel like torture to my Silver/Bronze Age soul, so this was about the point that I decided I needed to step away from Superman comics for a while. It was becoming too hard for me to read these, and I wasn’t get a lot of enjoyment. God bless those who did enjoy them, and whose Superman reading was formed at this time, but it was not good for me at the time. Even now, if I re-read these stories, I just don’t enjoy them. Everyone has their tastes, and this isn’t mine, I’m afraid.

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